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COVID 19 - Level 3 and Level 4 update

COVID 19 - Level 3 and Level 4 update

by Dr. Young Lee

Hi All,

I feel that it's important to update everyone on what is happening and what is going to happen going forward. I think it's best to answer things in a frequently asked questions (FAQ) format. Level 3 is happening from today (Monday) until Wednesday. Level 4 is happening from Thursday onward for at least 4 weeks.

Why was Level 3 and 4 declared?

As a country we want to get to Level 4, the Level 3 declaration is for 2 days to allow some services to continue in preparation for Level 4. Level 4 means household isolation for almost everyone. Essential services will continue - list of essential services can be found here:

This was declared because local transmission now seems extremely likely. That means the number of cases will continue to rise for the next few weeks because there are people in the community that have the virus, but are unaware of any connection to travel. A complete shut down and home isolation means that new cases of the virus will slow down and less people will be sick.

The high fatalities in Italy and around the world are linked to hospital services being overwhelmed and an insufficient number of hospital beds, medications, ventilators, ICU, etc available. The difference is quite marked - as fatality rates can be as high as 8% in Italy or 0% in Singapore.

We are still open as we are considered essential services

We are here to help. Please help us help you by doing video and telephone consultations where possible. Ring reception - and our staff will guide you through the right pathway.

If you are suspected of having a mild respiratory illness and need to be tested - we will refer you to the local testing centers where possible. Otherwise we have the facilities to test you here if you need to be seen. This does increase our risk of getting infected though.

Below is a guide to what people might have problems with, and where we would normally triage people:

Delay the following for 6 months:

Well checks

Breast exams unless there is a lump

Skin checks unless there is something dodgy seen

Cervical smears unless there has been abnormal vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain or bloating

Video or telephone consult: (we prefer video - if you have a smart phone it'll work. Even if we do audio only over the smartphone it will work great.)

Repeat medications if needs to be seen - 3 or more medications

Mental Health issues

Sexual Health issues

Cough, respiratory problems if not requiring COVID19 swab Mittent Clinic - diabetes, prediabetes, weight management clinic

Must come in:

Injury - i.e. bleeding, wounds

Dressing changes with nurse or doctor

Significant pain

Abdominal pain

Chest pain that does not need ambulance

Shortness of breath if no fever, travel, or connection to travel

Driver’s license if cannot be delayed

Ear syringe

Repeat prescription policy

Generally if you only have 1-2 medications, and have been seen in the last 3 months we can renew your medications.

We would generally want to review you if there has been recent changes, or if you are on quite a lot of medications.

The nurse will review the repeat prescription requests.

Pharmacies have sufficient medications - please do not request more medications than your usual 3 month supply. If you stockpile medications - this can lead to a shortage of medications for other people. I promise I will tell you if there are shortages coming up - If this happens, everyone might need to have a months worth of medication at a time. But this will mean that no one will run out. We have to work together.

Flu jabs - updated schedule. Limited stock - most vulnerable first

23/3/2020 - 12/4/2020 - Flu jabs for ONLY people 65 and older, or those with medical conditions.

13/4/2020 onward - Flu jabs for everyone else.

This year, everyone is encouraged to have flu jabs to avoid a double infection of both COVID 19 and seasonal flu. If you aren't funded, it's available for $35. Ages 6 months to under 9 require 2 jabs if they have not had it before. Ages 9 and up require 1 jab.

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