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Re-opening during the traffic light system, end of year stuff

Hi all, Very exciting times - we can all get a taste of freedom by the end of next week. As you are all probably aware, Auckland will be moving into the traffic light system (red) next week on Friday, 3 December 2021. Re-opening during the traffic light system from Friday, 3 December 2021 Accordingly - we will go back to normal operations - that means:

  • Opening hours going back to normal from 8am to 3pm, to 8am to 5pm.

  • In person consultations OK - we will still be encouraging telehealth i.e. telephone or video if appropriate. You will still be asked screening questions.

  • Well checks, skin checks, cervical smears, breast checks etc will resume.

Please ring reception to sort times. As you know, we still need screening through reception. If you develop respiratory symptoms after you’ve made your bookings, please let us know so that we can reschedule. End of year stuff As per tradition, the clinic will be closing over the holiday period for 2 weeks. That means:

  • Clinic closing from Saturday 25 December 2021 to Sunday 9 January 2022.

  • Last opening day is Friday 24 December 2021

  • Re-opening in the new year on Monday 10 January 2021

  • Health advice over the holiday period - please ring our usual phone number and there will be a nurse who can answer your health questions.

  • I am in Auckland because we can’t travel anywhere - so please feel free to email me any simple queries. I will be checking emails but replies could be a few days.

  • Please sort your prescriptions starting from now to avoid running short over Christmas/New Year.

  • If you do run out of medications, please just approach your usual pharmacy and let them know - they all know over the holiday period to give you 2-3 weeks of medications before we open back up. We will email all the usual pharmacies ahead of time to let them know.

I hope everyone enjoys the reopening next week! I know what I’m having - peking duck. Been missing that for 4 months. Do drop me an email and let me know the first thing you are going to do on freedom day (for the vaccinated). Oh yes - please get vaccinated if you haven’t already done so. You get to have fun - and feel virtuous because you are protecting your fellow humans too. What a deal! Don’t forget boosters start from next Monday 29 November 2021 too.

Click here to rate us on Google Maps. It helps other people find us! I mean - if we are awesome, don’t you want other people to know about us too?

Please share this with your friends if you find this helpful, and you think it might be helpful to them. If people are interested in finding out about our medical practice or joining us, please look us up on:

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