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Update - Level 4 again from Wed 18/8/2021

Update - Level 4 again from Wed 18/8/2021 Hi guys, Just a quick email to update everyone on Level 4 rules. As everyone probably knows by now, a case of COVID19 was detected in Takapuna, Auckland today. Fortunately, the 58 year old gentleman went and got tested, so that it was picked up quickly. Genomic sequencing is being undertaken that will determine if this is the Delta variant - and if it’s related to any of the Delta cases in MIQ. This shows that screening is working. Thanks to the hard work of every New Zealander that goes to get tested when they have respiratory symptoms, we are probably going to avoid a Sydney like disaster. My thoughts on the Level 4 Lock down Makes scientific sense. Government has acted sensibly. With a r0 value of 5-8, Delta spreads ~ 4x faster than the original Wuhan variant that sent us into a lock down last March 2020 for 4-6 weeks. So think about it this way - instead of case numbers growing from 1 to 2 to 4 to 8, it instead grows from 1 to 8 to 64 to 512.You can see why there is an exponential increase in cases in an unvaccinated population. The government is absolutely right in doing a severe lock down early. I rather have a harsh lock down for 2 weeks then a soft lock down for 3-6 months. So if you don’t like it - suck it up. Can be worse. A lot worse. So let’s all be thankful for swift action from the government that will ensure that we return to a COVID19 free near future. I’m looking forward to it. Clinic changes Usually over lock down, our traffic and demand drops 60%. So realistically we aren’t doing much for most of the time we are in the clinic. So a few changes:

  • Level 4 clinic hours are changing from 8am to 5pm, to a new time of 8am to 3pm.

  • Please call to make appointments - we do video and telephone consults preferably

  • If you are not sure if you have to be seen physically for examinations etc - please ring us and we will help to work it out for you. We want to see you in person if you need to be seen. i.e. chest pain, abdominal pain, something growing on you etc.

  • If you come in, please wear a mask. Wait in the car until we call you to come in.

  • Non urgent checks are delayed till level 2 essentially - i.e. Well Checks, Skin Checks, cervical smears, breast exams, Aclasta infusion, iron infusions etc.

What should everyone do to return to normal life?

  • Socially distance. Stay 2m away from people when you’re out exercising. Treat everyone as if they have terrible body odour. If you can’t avoid people in the supermarket, wear a mask.

  • Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate. There is no going around this. All staff members have gotten vaccinated for your and our safety. I’ve been Pfizerized since earlier in the year and have yet to detect any microchips in my body. I’m pretty sure Bill Gates isn’t monitoring me.

  • Tell other people to vaccinate.

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